Call or email our office at 626-403-6545 or [email protected]. We will take your details and schedule your initial appointment.

Under California Law you can have direct access to Physical Therapy.  However, most insurance policies require a prescription from a Medical Doctor.  If you do not have a prescription from a doctor, we will have to verify your benefits before we schedule an appointment for an initial evaluation.

Make sure you bring your physical therapy referral (provided to you by your doctor), your insurance card(s), a form of ID and a form of payment if your insurance won’t cover your bill 100%. If you have any doctor’s reports or copies of x-rays, please bring those to assist the Physical Therapist in knowing your condition. You can also download and complete all our patient forms, which will save you time.

If you did not fill out the forms ahead of time, please come about 15 minutes early to fill out our paperwork.  We will then review all your paperwork and copy relevant documents for our files. You will receive a copy of your forms and any policies of which you need to be aware.

You will then have an initial evaluation with one of our Physical Therapists, who will discuss your medical history and current situation including any pain you’re feeling, what makes it worse and how it impacts on your daily activities.

Your Therapist will then undertake an evaluation, checking your range of motion, pain levels, the strength and quality of muscle contraction and any necessary tests depending upon your diagnosis.

With your input, the therapist will develop your treatment plan. This will include how many times a week and number of weeks you should have Physical Therapy, any home exercise programs you should also do, your long- and short-term treatment goals and what is expected after discharge from therapy. During the course of your treatment we send the initial evaluation and progress reports to your doctor so he/her is aware of your treatment and progress.

Your treatment is normally scheduled with the Physical Therapist who first evaluated you and supported by our Therapy Aides. However, in order to avoid any lapse in your treatment due to vacation, sickness or if there are no appointments available at the time you can attend, we may have to schedule you with another Physical Therapist. Please know that your treatment is during each visit is well documented to ensure continuity and quality of care.

We are not pediatric specialists, but we are happy to see children who are at least 8 years of age and older.

You should wear something comfortable in which you can move around.

Each session typically lasts approximately 50-55 min.  You may choose to have 30 min appointments as well depending on your schedule and the advice of your physical therapist.

The prescription from your doctor normally states how often you should come and for how long. Typically 2-3 times per week for a specific duration (such as 6 weeks)

However, this is variable depending on your diagnosis and/or the severity of your situation. Your progress will be monitored, and your treatment plan will be amended as necessary.

We have a strict 24-hour cancellation policy. If you cancel less than 24 hours a fee of $75 will be collected from you before your next session.

Physical therapy treatment is often covered by your health insurance; however, the coverage will vary with each plan. Before your initial evaluation appointment, we will verify your insurance and give you an estimate of what your financial responsibility will be and what benefit limitations you have. 

We accept most PPO plans, Medicare, Workers Compensation and Automobile insurance. Please note, we do not take HMO plans, Medi-Cal or accident Liens.

All co-payments, co-insurance or deductibles are due at the point of service, so each time you attend for treatment make sure you have a form of payment if you need to pay. We accept most credit cards, cash and checks.

All our insurance billing is done in our office, so we can give individual attention to your insurance issues.

We normally bill your insurance company the day after your treatment and expect payment within 2 – 6 weeks. An Explanation of Benefit will be sent to you by your insurance company for your information and to ATP with the payment.

After reviewing your insurance policy and discussing it with you, we estimate any out-of-pocket costs on a per visit basis and ask for payment at that time. At the end of your treatment we will reconcile your account and either refund any overpaid monies or will send you a statement for any monies owed.

We do offer competitive rates if you wish to pay cash for your treatment. Ask the front desk about our payment plans, and please note you will still be required to have a referral from your MD.