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Who wants to come to a fabulous retreat in Tulum May 14-18th?

Pilates and barre everyday, organic healthy meals and surrounded by aqua blue oceans with sandy beaches 🏖
Go to www.bootybarre.com/retreat

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NEW group Reformer Pilates class taught by @traceymallett on Thursdays at 10am reserve early to get your spot.
Check our our schedule on www.atptraining.com for other class times!

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Pilates is about total body strength!
Check out @traceymallett doing something fun arm and lower body work.
Join us for either one of our group reformer classes or private sessions to start 2020 out the healthy way ❤️

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We love when our fabulous clients get the memo 😉 at @bootybarre class! ...

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Come and join us for our group Reformer classes every day!
Our signature jump board class is on Wednesday and Friday at 10am.

Looking forwards to see you there call us at 626-403-6545 or message us.

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Come and join us for @bootybarre on Monday’s at 8:15am and Wednesdays at 9am with @traceymallettfitness
Get ready to tone and sculpt ⭐️

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Ski ⛷time on the reformer!! Get ready for the slopes, work those legs and glutes.
Pilates group classes and privates available 🧡

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bootybarre is back next week—time to get the body back at the barre. @traceymallettfitness will be waiting for you on Monday at 8:15pm for bootybarre express!
Schedule your class 💪🏻🔥

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Wishing you all a 🌲Happy Holiday🌲 from the ATP FAMILY to yours ♥️ ...

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Flexibility and strength the perfect combination. Group Pilates classes will keep your body in tune for the holidays 🌲
Join one of our classes by scheduling online.

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Sooo happy we got a cute new client today, her name is Bridget. What a wonderful Pilates expert she is, gets very intrigued when we’re on the reformers.
We ♥️ dogs!

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💫Group Pilates classes using the reformer and wall unit. Alignment and correct biomechanics is what we strive to give to you with each class.
This exercise is definitely a booty burner, whilst activating the back to stabilize the upper body.
Happy Labor Day! 💫

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#Pilates is a total body mind body connection. We learn how to move with intent and control our muscles with precision. #Teaser on the Wunda Chair is an advanced exercise but we all need #goals in life to aspire to being in the best shape of our life ⭐️If your goal is to improve your flexibility—Pilates is perfect
⭐️ If your goal is to get a stronger core—Pilates is perfect
⭐️ If your goal is a better posture—Pilates is perfect
⭐️ If your goal is total body sculpting—Pilates is perfect
Join us for Pilates 🙏🏻

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👉🏻Our lovely Pilates ladies doing our group wall unit and Reformer classes. Sign up to join one of fabulous total body toning classes. ...

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